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Urinary Urgency

Also known as overactive bladder, urinary urgency turns up the speed and the volume on your bladder. Let's learn more about it and how Sage Physical Therapy can help get your bladder under control.


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Urinary Urgency

Urinary urgency: When a strong, sudden need to urinate causes you to rush to the bathroom. This may or may not be associated with leakage on the way. This also may be associated with increased frequency of urination. This is a common problem, but there is a solution! 

Urinary urgency can be caused by many things including:

  1. Poor bladder habits: Do you go to the bathroom "just in case?" Do you hold your bladder too long? Do you ignore the need to urinate? Do you empty your bladder too frequently?

  2. Pelvic floor muscle tightness or decreased coordination.

  3. Pelvic nerve irritation

  4. Bladder irritants: Some bladders get irritated by certain food or drink. This is different for everyone, so pay attention specifically to what might irritate yours! This might include caffeine, chocolate, acidity, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, and more.

  5. Dehydration: Some people think drinking less water will fix their urinary urgency or frequency. Actually, it's the opposite! When you're dehydrated, your urine is much more concentrated and acidic. The inside lining of the bladder does not like this, and it can actually make you void more!

What to do about urinary urgency and frequency? 

  1. Pay attention to your bladder habits and your bladder irritants.

  2. Pelvic floor relaxation: this may include diaphragmatic breathing, stretches, and mobility exercises.

  3. Schedule an appointment at Sage Physical Therapy to get to the root of your issue. There are often more than one reasons for urinary dysfunction, so let's figure them out and get you back in control of your bladder!


Katherine is extremely detail oriented and explains the PT exercises very clearly. Her superpowers are knowledge of the human body, empathy, and listening/hearing her patients.


Katherine brings a fresh perspective to PT. During my time with Katherine, it was clear she is knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Katherine connected dots for me related to my women's health issues that I never knew before. 


I am eternally grateful for her understanding and her expertise that served me greatly and continues to be a foundation for my continued healing.  I feel much stronger and more flexible in my back, hips and neck as a result of my work with Katherine.  She has been a true gift to me. Thank you Katherine for your professional PT abilities and your human touch."
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