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Solutions & Care for Pelvic Health

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Specialized treatment for pelvic pain, urinary & bowel issues, pregnancy & postpartum, low back pain, hip pain & more


I broke my tailbone twice. Thankfully, I was referred to Katherine. She made what was a scary vague experience into one where I found myself loving the idea of going into PT. I was walking with significantly reduced pain in just a couple weeks.


Katherine gave me the tools and skills I needed to move comfortably in my body, and confidence and courage I needed to challenge myself.


I'm an avid skier and hiker and so it has been paramount for me to work with someone who will support me in getting not only back to where I was before, but maybe even better. Katherine's that person. I highly recommend her!
  • Pelvic Floor & Women's Health
    Bladder leakage (urinary incontinence) Urinary urgency, frequency, and overactive bladder Pelvic pain, including but not limited to: Pain with intercourse​ Pain with exercise Pain with urinary or bowel function Tailbone pain May also be known as dyspareunia, vaginismus, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, coccydynia Pelvic organ prolapse Constipation Stool leakage (fecal incontinence) Anal fissures Interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome) Irritable bowel syndrome Pudendal neuralgia (numbness, tingling, burning, pain of the internal or external pelvis)
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum
    Specific pregnancy-related care during any trimester: Exercise that is safe and specific to pregnancy Low back pain Pelvic girdle pain Sciatica, SIJ pain Pubic symphysis dysfunction, "lightning crotch" Urinary incontinence Third trimester preparation for delivery including pelvic opening and perineal mobilization General prenatal education regarding musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy ​ Specific postpartum care: Six week musculoskeletal assessment to determine readiness for return to run, exercise, intercourse, and more Rehabilitation from vaginal delivery or cesarean section delivery Education on body mechanics for safe lifting and carrying Assessment and treatment for diastasis rectus abdominis (ab separation) Cesarean and perineal scar tissue mobilization General education regarding musculoskeletal changes postpartum
  • Orthopedics & General PT
    We recognize that everything is connected! General orthopedic issues are all treated at Sage PT. Low back pain Hip pain TMJ dysfunction (jaw joint) Neck pain Shoulder pain Ankle pain Knee pain Core strengthening Pilates based


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What's Going On?

Are You In Pain?

Pelvic pain, low back pain, hip pain, abdominal pain - you name it, Sage Physical Therapy can help get you out of it. These might be due to a number of reasons - let's figure out what those are and get you feeling better with specific exercises, stretches, hands-on treatment, and more.

Are you pregnant and wanting to stay active and have a smooth delivery?

It's amazing that you're growing a baby, but what about you and your body? Pregnancy changes and challenges your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Sage Physical Therapy will help condition your musculoskeletal system to be strong and stay strong throughout pregnancy, reduce aches and pains, then help you prepare for a smooth delivery.

Are you postpartum and wanting to get back out there?

We rehab our bodies after a surgery; why don't we rehab our bodies after nine months of pregnancy and delivery? Sage Physical Therapy will help you with leakage, back pain, diastasis recti (ab separation), scar tissue, pelvic pressure/heaviness, painful intercourse, and more. We can help get you back to doing what you love while minimizing the risk of injury in doing so.

Are you not in control of your bladder or bowels?

Are you leaking, rushing to the bathroom, going too frequently or just feeling like you're not in control? Do you have constipation where you push and strain, bloat, and have pain? These are all common, but not normal! When these things happen, oftentimes the pelvic floor (and maybe more!) isn't working quite right. Sage Physical Therapy is here to figure out what's not working and help you to fix it. 


"After my first visit with Katherine, I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. She is incredibly knowledgeable and educational, taking the time to explain complex systems in terms I could understand. Katherine has my highest regards, if you're experiencing similar pain, don't wait another second. Call her today and get your life back! " - KS

Why Choose Sage PT

Pelvic health care involves a wide range of providers, experience, and level of care. Find excellence in pelvic health care with an experienced specialist at Sage Physical Therapy.

Pelvic Health Specialist

I'm a specialist in pelvic health with understanding of how everything in the body works together. You won't be the afterthought at the big gym physical therapy clinic that "does it all." Here, you'll see a specialist with extensive graduate and post-graduate training.

Time to Make a Difference

You'll always see a doctor of physical therapy for hour-long, one-on-one sessions for true excellence in care. No aides, double bookings, or short appointments negatively impacting your care. Plus, no shuffling around to different providers; you'll always see the same one who knows you and your body.

It's More Than Kegels

It's never just kegels! Some people benefit from kegels and sometimes, kegels make everything worse. Either way, it's never just kegels. Learn about your pelvic floor and what it needs.

Follow-Up for Follow-Through

Feel confident in what you're doing at home with a detailed summary and plan sent to you following each session. Ever walk out of an appointment and forget everything that was just said? You'll always have a detailed summary and plan in your inbox within 24 hours following your appointment to keep you on track at home.

Individualized & Independent

Your body is uniquely yours. No more cookie-cutter PT that is one-size-fits-all; there's no such thing! You'll be taught what to do at home to make you as independent as possible in dealing with your specific issue, all with skilled guidance from a doctor of physical therapy. No more 3x/week for the rest of your life - let's get you better and keep it that way.

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No more waiting 12+ weeks to be seen in physical therapy. 


Emphasis on whole-person analysis and treatment. Always one-on-one with a highly specialized and experienced doctor of physical therapy. No techs, aides, or assistants.


Communication access with your physical therapist between appointments with call, email, or text for any questions that come up.


Slower-paced appointments with time for questions. No more rushing through appointments or feeling like you can't keep up.​ Know what you're getting. 

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